Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Busy busy busy still as usual.  Was planning to write but I need to finish up some work.  However, I would like to take a short moment to urge anyone who has yet to contact their Senators about SOPA and IPIA to do so.  We all know piracy is wrong, but these bills are set out to destroy the internet as we know it and will not solve the problem.  I would say look it up on Wikipedia and educate yourself, but for those who may be living under a rock with a nice WiFi connection, it's blacked-out in protest.  On a personal side note, I feel disappointed that Facebook and Twitter didn't also join the protest.  If anything it would force the politicians to stop tweeting themselves and actually pay attention today.  Then again, I would love for a mishap like this to happen again.  We Americans are just too flipping sensitive.  

Regardless, post, tweet, yell, sign or call.  Just do anything you can to get you're voice heard and end this internet killing hate machine that is SOPA and IPIA.

No video, have links and do your part


  1. I hope you guys stop europe will probably end up following

  2. It's an election year, there's no way Obama will pass it, especially since it so many people are watching. Wait until after November and see if it passes.

  3. Hope all this effort makes a difference.

  4. Good to see people in the blogosphere are aware and active against this.

  5. PIPA. But yes. I'm glad to see so many people take this seriously. There's so much support against it but they just keep trying to push more and more bills through. So stupid.

    Good work on the post. Message needs to be spread.

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